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My daughter is three years old.
A week ago we noticed a swelling area
under her left ear. It was the size of big grape.
It was soft. After two days it got bigger.
It sort of spreaded a bit towards shoulder.
Then it stopped. Now it's the size of an egg.
Three days ago we saw our pediatrician.
He subscribed antibiotics. He thinks it's some kind of infection.
Todays is the second day we
take antibiotics but the swelling does not go away.
It's the same size.
Other than that she's fine.
She eats,drinks,plays as usually.

I'm really scared.
And why the doctor can't send us to an expert or to the hospital?
They have equipment. She might need X-Ray or something.
We need to get the right diagnosis.

Thank you,


Robert I think it would be wise to see another doctor. That doesn’t seem like it is some kind of infection that antibiotics can cure. And you say it is the size of an egg and that doesn’t sound like something you should ignore.

My sister’s kid had ear infection few months ago and one of the symptoms was swelling under ear. He said that he doesn’t want to give antibiotics because that isn’t the best solution for a child and that this type of infection will go away by itself.

Maybe that what your daughter is suffering from isn’t ear infection but I still think it would be wise to seek second opinion. You never know and it is better to be safe than sorry. Let us know what has happened in the end.