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Hi guys I took a test about a month back and had a call from the clinic saying my test was positive and that I have clymidia. I got treated for it but I had sex in the 7 days with my partner and I didn't think it would effect it but the nurse told me to go back and get re treated but I'm too embarrassed to go back as there's too many people at the clinic. I did research online and found out you can buy the Azithromycin Tablets but I was wondering how many you have to take to cure it because most websites only do 3 in a box and I had 4 at the clinic. Help please Thanks


Go back to your doctors Caitian.

If you don't treat it correctly it can become resistant to normal antibiotics.  You NEED to be prescribed the proper dosage and medication.

Don't try to treat this yourself.  Left untreated it can cause difficulty conceiving.