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Hello everyone! need your advice!!! I want to sign with the clinic for 5 ivf attempts, it is going to be egg donation treatment. But I do not know what to do. honestly this clinic is good and stuff, I have been talking to a lot of people on FB about it but I am not sure whether to go there or not. because it is in Ukraine and I have heard that the situation there is a bit unstable... hm I know that this question is not medical but could you please help me with some advice?? PS I am going there because there is the sole clinic in the world that offers this type of contract with the refund in case of failure.. and it is great for me cos I am not rich. thank you a lot!!


Do you mean on BioTexCom? I don't know a single reason why shouldn't you go there. I was there and I didn't have any problem. You are right, price is great, the lowest of all clinics which I contact in process of choosing the best option.  Hope this attempt will be successful. Wish you luck.