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Hello! I am 27, with cholesterol in good shape due to meds, my triglycerides are a bit high (but coming down), my good cholesterol is down and my bad cholesterol is high (hard to manage). My blood pressure is in check now. Things are looking up for me health wise. XD But here is the thing, My husband and I aren't getting any younger and would like to start a family soon. I haven't been able to find any real information on the risks, what to do, meds for any of it that is safe if I do become pregnant or anything in those keywords: cholesterol and pregnancy. I just find stuff for if and when you develop it during pregnancy. I also have found that it's in my genes. My mother had this problem and she did just fine, just bed rest in the last trimester, the whole trimester. If anyone has any info, words of advice or anything, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks! 8-|


High blood pressure would be a HUGE issue during pregnancy, because if it got high enough you would be risking your life. The doctors can tell you more baout this, but you definately need to keep your blood pressure in check during pregnancy.
Due to cholesterol and other issues, you may ned to keep a closer tab on the amount of weight you gain during pregnancy, and ensure that you do not go overboard. Medications can be altered so that you take meds safe for pregnancy =)

Before you try and concieve =) Get a plan from your OBGYN/Doctors =)
You can concieve safely if you have a game plan to monitor your health.