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I am a 51 year old female who has had chronic diarhhea for over 2 months now and also have a herniated disk in my lumbar spine which causes quite a bit of hip and leg pain. Could the diarrhea be related to the spine problem? I have had 2 epidurals for the pain and it just seems that the diarhhea started just after the epidurals. I had a routine colonoscopy done about 8 months ago and it just indicated IBS. I also had a stool culture and test that was negative for parasites and bacteria.

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Razr1956 I saw your post I was told I had herninated disc  I been having diarrhea My Dr told me it was coming from my back  I dont get it all the time.I was told I had IBS by a few Gi Dr. I was alway told I dont have it.I will find out after my treatment happen with everything