I am a disabled vet who deals with chronic pain everyday and have been on Percocet for over 3.5yrs now. I went on it the day I delivered my son in May 2010. My husband and I were pregnant earlier this year, however, we lost the pregnancy at the end of the first trimester. We are pregnant AGAIN and I'm still on my pain medication. I am of course considered "high risk" yet again and have spent countless hours researching and reading information about pain medication and pregnancy. I prefer to read about women's experiences rather than just go off of the doctor's personal judgment as that varies from doctor to doctor. I've been told it's ok to stay on them, but I take 15mg/650mg Percocet 3xs a day. I use ice packs, heating pads, etc in conjunction with pain medication. I have several chronic medical issues that cause severe pain and I've read that's it's far worse to deal with the chronic pain than to be on Percocet. I've decided to just switch to straight Oxycodone and take a tylenol when needed. It seems as if it's the high doses of tylenol are the real issue not the actual Oxy by itself. I read that Percocet is Class "C" b/c of the tylenol. Oxy is Class "B" alone. I was a Criminal Justice major in Graduate school and Criminal Justice/CSI for my undergrad so I've written at least 6 papers on medicinal marijuana and pain medication. I mention this for those who are about to judge so you can leave your judgment at the door...I know what pain medication can do you and your liver/health when not used properly and even IF used properly. I deal with friends and family members comments and judgments almost daily. The only people who do NOT judge are those who live with chronic pain. I guess for all of us who are posting/blogging about this issue just want a straight yes or no answer. I broke down crying this morning listening to my husband ring me about having an occasional glass of wine during my pregnancy. I research EVERYTHING and obsessively research EVERYTHING until I get the answers I am looking for. I think us women who use pain medication will hate ourselves if something should happen to our baby and we know EVERYONE would be quick to blame us and our narcotics. My suggestion after the days/ months, years, hours that I have spent researching this topic and personal experiences I've had is that if you can go without pain medication "KUDDOS;" however, for the rest of us who are chemically dependent (NOT BY CHOICE) and are concerned about the pain medication effects on our unborn children...ask to be switched to straight Oxycodone and take a regular or extra strength tylenol sparingly. It seems that tylenol is the bigger culprit. During my pregnancy I had earlier this year I had started to wean myself down from my Percocet, but took up to 1,000mg of tylenol for that "missed dose" of Percocet. After we lost the baby I again obsessively researched looking for answers to blame myself, but so I would at least have an answer. This pregnancy I AGAIN have been researching and reading (I HATE READING) medical (credible) websites, blogs, etc to help me decide what is best for my chronic pain and unborn baby. I plan to stay on my Zoloft for my anxiety disorder, which is considered safe during pregnancy, as it helps not only with my Generalized Anxiety/OCD disorder, but also helps with the moodiness/irritability/aggression I deal with being on pain medication and the withdrawal of it between doses. As far as my pain medication goes I've asked my doctor to put me on 15mg of Oxycodone 3xs a day (that's what I take now) and I will just take a 500mg of Tylenol when needed (maybe 1-3xs daily). I have read it's far worse to suffer from Chronic pain and will increase your chances of miscarriage than to just take the pain medication and be more comfortable. If you suffer from Chronic pain and chose to come off your pain medication during your pregnancy I highly recommend you take Zoloft to ease your symptoms, but the withdrawal and other horrible symptoms you will experience could lead to a miscarriage. I feel like this was part of my problem with the loss of our last pregnancy. I am overall in good health...I'm a runner, weight lifter, eat a healthy diet, but that doesn't mean I don't have chronic pain. I leave you with this advice however, if you chose to stay on your pain medication during your pregnancy don't tell people you are staying on it unless you can deal with their judgment. Keep it between you and your mother/spouse/family. I really wanted to be off my pain medication for this pregnancy, but sometimes they aren't planned. The last thing I would like to talk about is what happened to me this morning....I broke down crying to my husband this after we argued about me having an occasional glass of wine/beer. My doctor told me it was fine in moderation when I had my first pregnancy. I think I had at most 10 glasses of wine/beer throughout that entire pregnancy. Other than allergies our son (comes from his dad's side of the family-they all have allergies) is fine and smarter than all the kids, even the older ones, in his school. Anyway, I have only had "1" glass of wine since learning I was pregnant. So the last 2 days we have been fighting over me drinking wine here and there throughout this pregnancy. As I started to cry (which I don't do bc I absolutely HATE CRYING) I said to him "do you think I asked for all these problems? Do you think I intentionally wanted to stay on pain medication for this long? Do you think I want to be in pain all the time?" I have decided I will skip the wine since I will chose to stay on my pain medication throughout my pregnancy. If I can limit one thing even though it helps reduce pregnancy stress and pain, I will do it for him and the baby. My point to those who want to judge us, hate on us, or rant that you are a nurse or are negatively impacted by what we are doing during our pregnancies...put yourself in our situation and think outside your box. Nobody who uses pain medication for chronic pain conditions has a desire to bring a drug addicted child into this world. Do not try to make us feel guilty or put us down. You ARE NOT OUR DOCTOR. I have read about women who did everything right during their pregnancies and their kids still had health/mental/cognitive problems. So shove it!!