In 2004 I was 61 years old and had only had a UTI a few times. At that time, I got a UTI that was unsuccessfully treated with many different antibiotics. After having every test available including cystoscopes and a CAT scan, my doctors settled on 50 mg of Nitrofurantoin once a day. He said this is a preventative. 6 years later I am still taking it. If I stop, I get a UTI that takes a long time to be cured. So I have reluctantly complied, but now my urethea has become very sore. My last urinalysis had a result of "cloudy". I am concerned but feel I have no choice but to continue. My urologist and GP are satisifed with my current treatment. I have not suffered from yeast infections at all. Do you have any suggestions? Do you know of any dangers of long term use of Nitrofurantoin?