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Hello all, Do you ever confuse symptoms of hypo with hyper? Sometimes I can't tell what I have and I get all mixed up. Sometimes I don't test because I'm so busy and I think I'm having a hypo or are pretty sure so I take out some sugar tabs. I realize at that point that I may not be hypo and take the time to test. It turns out that my BG was high all those times (over 12) and yet my symptoms where telling me hypo. There seems to be a gray area in there somewhere that's causing me to get confused. Most of the time when I experience a hypo I have a sense of being cold and sweating before the real hypo sets in. And, yet that not so different from early symptoms of hypers. Anyone else have this problem?


Hello, I have become confused on hypo and hyper symptoms. I think you're right in that there can be a gray area where the symptoms can overlap. I'm sure it's different for everyone. For me, it happens when I'm riding bicycle. I'm in Florida where is it hot most the year round. I can easily become dehydrated because of the heat and that makes me feel hyper when in fact I'm definitely hypo. Initially, I feel hot and agitation which I would normally link that to hyper. This seems to be hiding the hypo symptoms of hunger and chills. Generally, with a hyper you would experience blurred vision and perhaps difficulty balancing so at least that's not there but the heat sensation and agitation tend to make me think I am hyper. I ride my bicycle usually 3 times a week and while I do that I make sure I test my BG every half hour. I tend to go hypo in no time. I know now that I need to pay close attention to my symptoms as they come on. Since it can be difficult to know whether you are hypo or hyper it's always best to test. I think when the hypo becomes more serious, the symptoms become pronounced and you can tell the difference then.