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Hello everyone, I just wanted to let all of you know that I lost a job due to hypo effects. I think I need some advice here. They told me that I misbehaved according to what they expect. I don't know whether I did or not but I really don't think so. Has anyone had this problem and is there anything I can do about it? I simply haven't got a clue. It seems to me I should be able to do something about this. If you have experience with this I would appreciate it if you shared it with me. Believe me, any help in this matter would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks.


Hi, So you lost your job due to hypo effects. I'm sorry to hear that. If they had a good reason for firing you, it may be difficult to do anything about. It seems like there should be some legal action you could take given that your are diabetic and all. Some places often have a disability statement in their work ethics that would seem like it would cover diabetes and hypoglycemic effects. Do they allow you time to take a break when you need to so that you can test your blood and take your medicine? I don't know if companies have to let you do that, but you know, they should. See if you can get a copy of their conduct code and see if there is anything in there that can help you. Other than that, I suggest you go to an attorney and see what he or she tells you. At least, that way you will know something not only for now but in the future if and when you get another job. If companies have statements that pertain to diabetics, it might be a good idea to check that out before you take a job so that you know what your rights are ahead of time. And, of course you need to tell them about your diabetes and problems you have with low blood sugar levels. Other than this, I'm not sure what to tell you.