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what can a doctor do to help with cocain


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You know how doctors think about the drug use. They'll put you on some psycho-therapies and prescribe you to use other drugs which could help you to get rid of your physical addiction, if any. First of all, cocaine addiction is very confused term. It's similar to nicotine or alcohol addiction. More you use it the more you're addicted to it, but in comparison to heroin, crack or other hard drugs, cocaine is not so dangerous, except if taken in large doses.

The withdrawal depends on many things. First you should have very strong personality. Presently there are no effective medications for reducing craving for cocaine during the withdrawal process. Some studies have reported that medications such as amantadine and bromocriptine may help to reduce patient's craving, increase energy, and normalize sleep, particularly among those with the most serious problems.

If you have previously used cocaine and wish to stop, try to avoid people, places, and things you associate with the drug. If you find yourself considering the extreme joy produced by cocaine, force yourself to think of the negative consequences that follow use.