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My name is Heather and I would love to answer any and all questions about opiate addiction. I am in recovery and I take suboxone and it has really turned my life around, not just the drug itself but having the desire to want to be sober, that's the most important factor in this horrible addiction. I believe that opiate addiction is the most unique addiction that there is. It is so cunning and baffling and powerful like they say in my 12 step program. I have a LOT of information that I would love to share and I want to help people and let them know they are not alone. Unfortunately I am very well educated on every aspect of this addiction and I know more than most, not sounding like a "know it all" but I have studied it for 13 years now and I am fascinated by the power that this drug has over people. My goal is to help people and hand out some experience strength and hope! IF I CAN DO IT, I KNOW YOU CAN TOO. Please, I beg of you to give this battle a chance to be won. I feel for everyone that is in my spot. :D you can reach me also at ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** private e-mails not allowed **
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or on this website! Good luck and I am here for anyone who wants to chat! :?


ok, here's my brief method for overcoming any addiction / habit.

I've not put much in about original use reason, apart from positive thinking, distraction, finding something else to do (getting hooked on soaps if all else fails!).

A method I've seen used a lot is to replace the attraction of the drug or whatever with a fear of it. e.g. think about the health consequences of smoking. What's your excuse for doing it. I've found this just re-enforces my initially problems and makes me much worse. People don't have excuses they have reasons than you very much, now deal with the reasons for those reasons!

The method focuses mainly focuses on two aspects, the habit and the addiction, the third aspect is as listed above and is often complex, identifying it can be critical to success though the distraction and positive thinking (Think about things you have done well or achieved in the past, not that you can do anything!). Post traumatic stress disorder and other anxiety disorders, identity crisis, ADHD are very complex, too complex for a post like this.

Disclosure: I have ADHD and Aspergers, I was treated with neuroleptics which caused continuous cravings for stimulation of all kinds, but I wasn't able to think, after my partner got annoyed with me going out, or going out and going drugs, I ended up just doing drugs.
I've kicked everything over my time, but whilst on the neuroleptics was stuck in a continuous cycle, because they caused my brain to be even more deficient in dopamine and stimulation that under my previous ADHD condition.
I now also have Post traumatic stress disorder on top!
I've kicked, smoking, drinking, socialising, food, narcotics, neuroleptics, biting my fingernails etc.. using variants of this method.
neuroleptic withdrawal causes psychosis, if you think opiates are bad to come off, think again!
Sometimes I've used 'alternates' other than the more acceptable ones to aid pattern breaking and habit forming. (hint dissociates are also pain killers, but also reset your system and block the dopamine effects of many things, ibogain is near fully legal in some countries as is DXM (though DXM is a suppressant))

subutex is horrible in my opinion, and the withdrawal is too annoying (not hard enough to block, but irratating enough to annoy the hell out of me) and too drawn out and uncontrollable (less SAO).

Also remember, like when your dieting, the hunger becomes your friend, it tells you your loosing weight and will pass, just don't eat or go shopping when your hungry or you'll feed it.

slowly is the best way usually, though things like cocaine often cold turkey isn't too bad as it's usually quite short I've found.
For nicotine, I used the method off delaying my next puff and only smoking half etc... each half hour, hour delay, one less fag a day. eventually [a few months] I just gave up quite naturally.

after 5 years a a drug induced addict and having to deal with the social problems that society caused me to adapt to, I had a hell of a lot of patterns and habits to break. And eventually just stopped naturally, without really thinking and without the ex-smoker attitude.

anyhow, here's the approximate method and loose breakdown.

I'd say that you want to mix up titration with pattern (habbit) breaking and some healthy 'distraction' a.k.a. positive thinking.
Also increase your metabolism and get your bodies own pumping (exercise, spicy food) and slightly acidify your blood / urine (cranberry juice) and eat lots of fat and water soluble fibre. (Oats are excellent fat soluble fibre and whole bran that kind of thing)
Also, try quitting something else that you like, well for a while.

Breakdown is:
titration, this means reducing the amount you take, peak concentration (so you could split your dose and then take it 3-4 hours apart will give you half the peak for morphine (3 hour half life)), duration (time between peaks) your currently one week, grin and bare the withdrawal for half a day and you'll be one week and half a day, a few weeks later it will be one week and a two days as you get used to it you'll be able to push yourself harder. Trying to lower the peak and push the duration at the same time may make you break!
Also, take less each time, as well as lowering the peak. (flush a tiny bit down the toilet for instance).

This will allow your body to adjust to lesser and lesser highs and lesser and lesser background amounts of the drug, it will also allow the level of metabolites to go down.

Also, if you use at a particular place, or in the morning, or after work, or on a Friday start breaking it up 'a lot', your body has an excellent build in clock and you'll start feeling the urge as your body is anticipating your next dose. Don't let it know when this is going to happen, it it should break the habit and the urge and craving.

Also, get your body used to wanting so other kind of pleasure to replace what your taking away, so that your body and mind get distracted and start craving something else instead. Maybe find a TV programme that's on when you normally dose, or get a movie out and watch that instead. Get a hobby, get a bike (motor or push) and go out and get the adrenaline pumping.

Increasing you metabolism will speed up your fat cycle and help metabolites flush out of your system and fat deposits faster, this may hit you a little bit but in the long run you should recover sooner and have less metabolites in your system.

Also the metabolites are fat soluble, the cranberry juice will make your blood a little more acidic and should in turn turn some of the metabolites into salts which you will pass through water. This should also reduce the background level that will get taken up by the fatty tissue again.
Also fibre helps with this as it help the fat solubles get drawn out of your system, it also increases you metabolism.

Also, try quitting something else that you like, well for a while.

Should be self obvious, but let yourself know you can quite (food isn't a good one as your metabolism may go down, unless you swap chocolate for oats)