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Hi, I'm 29 and I'm a drug addict, currently I'm on heroin, I also used other light and heavy drugs like marijuana, LSD, cocaine for a short time I was addicted on morphine too. I have undergone treatment for drug addiction but I never made it till the end. I have heard that bupenorphine is used very frequently for drug detoxication how successful is it and what are the side effects?


Yes, bupenorphine along with many other detox drugs are used in clinical detoxication and taking off the drugs like cocaine, heroin, methadone and even is used to treat alcohol addiction. Medications like bupenorphine and methadone are used as substitutes for heroin, as their antagonists. The advantage of bupenorphine is that you don’t have to take it on a daily basis, if you do take heroin while on bupenorphine you wont feel any effect of it since bupenorphine is blocking it, also bupenorphine will block the symptoms of withdrawal from heroin. The down side of bupenorphine is that it also makes you addicted to it, and several other side effects have been noticed like the decrease of libido.