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Hi, cocaine overdose symptoms are intense and generally short in nature. A person can even die from cocaine overdose. Depending on weight, metabolism, heath and other factors, different doses of cocaine are needed to cause overdosing. Too much cocaine leads to a serious increase in blood pressure. Even bleeding in the brain can develop leading to a higher possibility of a stroke. If heart and respirator problems develop they can even result in death. Seizures, heart attack, brain hemorrhages, kidney failure and other complications.

My boyfriend and I overdosed on cocaine last year BUT our "reactions" were different & I am wanting to know what exactly happened to us. We were shooting it, not snorting. We shot an 8ball together. So you're talkin $100 a piece in the span of a couple hours. Anyway, he did his last shot and fell to the floor convulsing, almost flopping like a fish and druel spewing out his mouth as he almost "panted" in his breathing, almost a "oof-oof" sound. Then he literally POPS back up fine, with no recolection of anything....... I'm guessing he had a seizure. NOW, MINE... very different. I "apparently" blacked out (he says) cause I dont remember. He said he gave me CPR & THEN, what I do remember is waking to see his face above me up. It took a while for ME to notice but he advised my eyes were goin back & forth & my muscles were constricted with my hands, as he put it, doing the "walk like an egyptian" movement, only fists were clamped. I remeber trying to speak to him and finally realizeing I couldnt get words out. When I slowly did it was through pants of breath... one word at a time like "Wha-Ha-pen-d-Ba-B". He said I was "out" for 3 minutes & when my eyes were open, that whole scenerio took a good 10-15 minutes before I could even prop my legs up. WHAT HAPPENED TO ME? Did I die, seizure, stroke, heart attack...??? What?