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My boyfriend and I overdosed on cocaine last year BUT our "reactions" were different & I am wanting to know what exactly happened to us. We were shooting it, not snorting. We shot an 8ball together. So you're talkin $100 a piece in the span of a couple hours. Anyway, he did his last shot and fell to the floor convulsing, almost flopping like a fish and druel spewing out his mouth as he almost "panted" in his breathing, almost a "oof-oof" sound. Then he literally POPS back up fine, with no recolection of anything....... I'm guessing he had a seizure. NOW, MINE... very different. I "apparently" blacked out (he says) cause I dont remember. He said he gave me CPR & THEN, what I do remember is waking to see his face above me up. It took a while for ME to notice but he advised my eyes were goin back & forth & my muscles were constricted with my hands, as he put it, doing the "walk like an egyptian" movement, only fists were clamped. I remeber trying to speak to him and finally realizeing I couldnt get words out. When I slowly did it was through pants of breath... one word at a time like "Wha-Ha-pen-d-Ba-B". He said I was "out" for 3 minutes & when my eyes were open, that whole scenerio took a good 10-15 minutes before I could even prop my legs up. WHAT HAPPENED TO ME? Did I die, seizure, stroke, heart attack...??? What?


It is very much difficult do decide by reading post and we can't decide at all.the other thing is that what ever happend is so sad for you..i hope you get over it quickly