My son's paternal grandma is 46 and had colong cancer that has mastastisized to her liver. Her aunt died of colon cancer. Her neice had polyps removed from colon at age 4. My son is a month shy of being 3 and his grandma thinks he has a BM problem. He poops about 3-5 times a day lately, and sometimes the poop is small and it is kind of harder but not that hard, similar to clay but wipes off easy. There has never been any blood and he never complains of any pain. He has a good diet. None of his care providers think anything is out of the ordinary and I have asked them a few times what they think and they say his is as normal as the other toddlers they have cared for. Should i be freaking out? I sometimes i feel like i am a bad mom because i am not freaking out.