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I am 36 years old man .

My intestine bled six years ago due to 300 polyps in my LT/Colon .
So I had to remove a big part of LT/COLON by surgical operation 3 years a go and only 10 cm of LT/COLON left.
Then After 2 years again I had 5 small polyps that removed by colonoscopy from my intestine.
Now I want to know if there is any way or drug to stop polyps growing .
By the way what's your diagnosis? Is it a dangerous disease and can be colorectal cancer? ( My age is 36 years and my weight is 55 and we didn't have any colon polyps or colorectal cancer in our family. )

Thank you in advance .

Your propmt reply would be highly appreciated.

Best Wishes



That is odd because 300 polyps or so is a sign of Family inherited polypsis. But you say there is absolutley no one who has it? only advise is to demand more colonoscopies like every 6 months or so...i hope it goes well for you.