Every day I am receiving Question that The #foreskin of penis is intact so i would like to clear this issue by this post and hope it will be educated and helpful and I request to you all that please share this post with your friends so that some of unknown people can get help. Let’s clear up a little misunderstanding. A foreskin is not like a girl's hymen that tears or needs to stretch for first time sex. Until they hit puberty it is normal for young boys to have a foreskin that can’t slide all the way back over the head of the penis. But by the time most boys are 10 years old, about half of them can pull back their foreskin. By the age of 18, about 99 percent of men can do this. However, there are still some people who are unable to do it even after 18. And it sounds like you could be one of them. It could be that you have a condition called phimosis. But you should not panic because it’s not worth panicking. Stretching There are things you can try on your own to help your foreskin easily slide back over the head of your penis. Start with stretching exercises during your shower. You should pull the foreskin forward away from the body, then pull it back as so it feels tight without being painful and keep it stretched for a couple of minutes. Make it a routine for a couple of times a day. And do it gradually, one step at the time. Another way that might help to stretch your foreskin I think you might enjoy. When you masturbate (like nearly all men do) hold your penis in your hand and rub up and down so your foreskin is pulled back and forth and gently stretches. Last and final treatment is a minor surgery so if need even after then fix a appointment with neaest Gynaecologist.