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I am a 39 year old female who has been diagnosed with a minor case of sleep apnea. After trying to sleep with a C-Pap machine, and being unable ENT doctor recommends surgery.

Tonsellectomy, a UPPP (which deals with trimming the membranes leading up to the Uvula), and removal of my adenoids.

I am just wondering if anybody else has gone through this as an adult and can give any feedback about what recovery was like?

My surgery is scheduled in two weeks, and I am a bit nervous. I have two children, but this is my first surgery.

Any advice would be most helpful!


Hi Lisa,

I have to be honest and first tell you that I didn’t go through this, but my younger brother did have tonsillectomy when he was young. I think he had 12 years when he had this. Now as much as I remember it wasn’t easy for him. The procedure is not too complicated and it is very common now days. But recovery is something else. It can last up to four weeks. First week is most difficult. He had a lot of pain and only thing he could eat was soup, mashes potatoes and ice cream. The diet will be soft in first and part of second week. At the end of second week he was feeling much better.