I am writing this to document my tonsillectomy experience! :)

I am a 27-year old female and had to have my tonsils and adenoids taken out yesterday due to peritonsillar abscess I kept acquiring.  Those of you who have had one know how painful they are...much worse than strep!  I went to the hospital yesterday as a nervous mess.  I kept reading everyone's experience online and I had even youtubed the surgery.  My medical team staff was great.  They did a phenomenal job at calming my nerves.  I got taken to the OR and put to sleep.  When I woke up, I was pretty anxious.  Your uvula (the hanging ball in the back of your throat) will be swollen, but that is normal.  Due to the swelling of the uvula, your breathing will be different and your swallowing will be too.  They medicated me with a steroid to decrease some swelling, medication for nausea and pain.  I stayed 3 hours after my surgery to make sure I was ok to go home.  I will try to add each more to this as my experience goes on!

Day Zero (day of surgery)- home and not feeling too bad.  I am pretty tired though.  I am a night-shifter and worked the night before my surgery.  I got home after surgery, did some laundry, cleaned up a litle and settled on the couch.  I am taking my pain medication every 4 hours.  I fell asleep early last night, but I was up every couple of hours re-adjusting and keeping up on my medication and fluids.  The thing that is bothering me the most is the uvula being swollen, and the back of my tongue.  They use a clamp to hold down your tongue, and it's just sore from being held down.  For dinner day 1 of post op- I had jello and baby food.  I nibbled on some mashed potatoes, but I think that was jumping the gun a bit.  Gatorade and ice water are my best friends.  Keep up on your fluids.  If you are not peeing 5-7 times a day with clear, yellow urine, then you are not getting enough fluid!!!  Stay tuned, as I will keep you updated.  Feel free to throw out questions too!