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My 4 year old son is having his tonsils and adenoids out next week. He has suffered sleep apnea for a while and it has been a little scary at times. I feel comfortable with my surgeon's advice to do the surgery.

However, now I a local early childhood education professional is warning me not to go to the surgeon I have scheduled the surgery with. She claims that several young students in the area are now having speech difficulties (that had none previously) because this surgeon cut too much out when they had their surgeries done.

Is that a concern~ to have "too much" cut out? What else would be cut out? How would this affect the child? What should I do?


As far as I know, if uvula is cut, a child/person may experience voice problems. Considering that the surgery is next week, you don’t have much time and I think that you should talk to the “teacher” who you got this info from and maybe even ask phone numbers of the people who underwent the surgery with this surgeon or find out where you can find these students and have a word with them. It would be good to hear the stories straight from the horse’s mouth. Ask around about the surgeon and if this means postponing the surgery, do so.

It is your child’s health in stake and if there are bad reviews about this doctor’s work, then it would be best if you sought second opinion, why risk your child’s health, as if he isn’t having enough trouble. That is my opinion at least. You can always talk to the surgeon and tell him you need to postpone the surgery due to *****reasons, he doesn’t have to know anything about the real reason and your suspicions.

This is at least how I would do it. It is always good to know who is going to take care of you and especially your child. Don’t take the risk! Good luck and let us know how it went!