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Hello! Is there anybody who could tell me what normal bowel movements are and how to tell if they are normal or not. Thank you


Are you experiencing some kind of problems? Bowel habits are, lets say, individual and while someone can have regular bowel movements three times a day, others could be having them three times a week and they would still be normal. So, there are no rules and there is no definition for a normal bowel movement. The stool should be soft and easy to pass, but those people who don’t have enough fiber in their nutrition or are not having enough fluids could have harder stools. The color is usually brown or golden brown and the shape is sausage-like. Even if you experience a change in color, shape, frequency, etc it wouldn’t necessarily be a problem. However, if you think that something’s wrong, prolonged diarrhea, constipation, bleeding during bowel movements, you should definitely see a doc.


Healthy bowels usually have the following traits:
7-12 inches long and around 3 inches wide.
The bowels are solid
They do not have to sink or float.
They have a brownish color
You don't need to strain during a bowel movement.

To have healthy bowels, you should consume soluble and insoluble fiber. If necessary, take a fiber shake for 2 weeks such as Psyllium Husk.
More healthy ways to have healthy bowels can be found here:

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