Okay, so, I was recently prescribed with Minocycline 100mg and I'm very hesitant about taking it. I've read stories that range from "it's the best medicine I've ever taken" to "I get allergic reactions to "I would never recommend this." That coupled with the fact that its purpose is to bring up all acne to the surface sets a frightening precedent. I have very oily skin with moderate acne. I never get anything more than postules (pustules?), however; I also have "ice pick acne scars," although I don't think they look as severe as pictures. I definitely hate that I have to look in a mirror daily, and I obviously want clear skin. I would take one pill daily as well as use adapalene gel 0.1% as a nighttime topical. (I also wash my face with a facewash called Exuviance morning and night.) I just need opinions on whether or not this pill is even worth it, because I really do not need to go through my face looking like my freshman year TERRIBLE pizza face again. (Now a junior) Help?