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HI ..

My age is 25 years and since my teenage i have been suffering from acne problems.
Becoz of pimples i have got many light scars on my face and many many open
pores. And on my nose i have few very big open pores. It looks very ugly on face.

In my early 20ies i used to get big pimples but now I dont get much big puss filled acnes but each and every pore of my face is filled with some white things. I guess its WHITEHEAD all over my face.

When i take out that white part from pores of my face, i feel light from inside but on other hand my face skin get swallon by that and its look more ugly, as if it is bitten by mosquitos.

I am trying to use product meant for the oily skins but dint get any difference in my skin appearance. I am trying to use home made face mask of tomato and sandlewood, it takes out some oil but still i dont feel freshness in my skin.

I got married last year and my husband tells me that i should do something to my skin so that it looks smooth.
If i touch my skin I feel its uneven becoz of pimple or whithead or ......i dont know WHY.......

I have read about MICRODERMABRASION, how much effective it is and can you tell me some other method too to keep my skin in good condition.

Please help me... i dont have anyone who can guide me in this..


well, i'm no dermatologist or anything.. only they could tell you what to do. but i use st.ives medicated apricot scrub! i love the stuff.. and for the puffiness, i've heard to dab a witch hazel soaked cotton ball on them.. i dunno if it works or not.. also, try pro-active.. it really works!!! my brothers 15 and just loaded by acne.. he used it for 2 weeks and his skin is clear! it's kinda a pain to use.. it's 3 steps and kinda time consuming..but it's worth every minute. good luck!


I've heard that rubbing some lemon juice on the affected areas will help bring the blemishes down.

From my own experience, Clean and Clear blackhead facial scrub works quite nicely. I'm not sure if that's the exact name, but this cream comes in a blue semi-transparent squeeze bottle and the cream has little blue grits in it. Also, I use something from my dermatologist called BenzaClin (clindamycin benzoyl peroxide gel) and it dried up my acne rather swiftly. But be cautioned if you use this stuff - it can leave bleach stains on clothing.


Thanks for you valuable help.

I have already used clean and clear but its not affecting much for me but yes lemon works, but my skin is sensitive so lemon juice gives itiching sensation to me. :(

I havent used pro-active products till now , will try that too , hope it will work for me too.

Well i have read from some other forum that epidermix microdermabrasion products are good to use to reduce scars and also helps in minimizing appearance of pimples on face ..

Did anyone has tried this and can comment on this???


I am 14 and dont have acne yet and am using clinique solution to prevent future acne and umm but i hear Pro-active and nuetragena is good !!! Clinique is working good on me tho :-)


I'm 14 and iv'eonly ever had minor of the major benefacters to ance is you eat a lot of oily foods or fatty foods?


I think you should have microdermabrasion, you might have to stay indoors for around seven days whilst healing, the procedure will lightly sandpaper to put it mildly , the first couple of top layers of the skin off, leaving you with a new skin, you could also investigate intensive light pulse laser, with so much modern technology around that can fix such problems, i would not hesitate in getting it done if it were me.

Do it for yourself though and not because your husband is making you feel less attractive, he married you as you appear today.

My son had horrible acne, and what also helped him a lot was taking vitamin A zinc, and breaking open vitamin E oil capsules and rubbing on the face, cured his reoccuring acne in 4 weeks


Garlic really works! Before you go to bed, just cut a clove of garlic and rub the fresh-cut side on the pimple, and wash your face with facewash in the morning. It completely zaps acne!
May not be suitable for over-sensitive skin but it's definitely worth a try!!


yo i have same problem but im 14, enyways what i did was went to family doctor, she took a look and said to use this stuff called tersaseptic or something, i used it for about 1,2 months and my face is much better now, my solution was talking to my family doctor, maybe you should too


i used to have alot of acne on my chin and forehead, lately iv been using proactive (for like 4 months or more) and its really cleared up my face alot...i barely get any pimples now, u shuld atleast try it and hopefully it will work for u too =] id try it be4 doing somthing to ur face thats really expensive...proactive ussualy costs around $40 (around that anyway i could be a bit off) for the 3 peice kit and it lasts for about 3 months if u use it as directed. i buy it at my mall but im sure theres other places u culd get it!


Proactiv has been a proven thing to help a lot of people, sometimes you can get it on sale, or on E-bay, or in the mall. It costs quite a bit sometimes, but it lasts awhile and it is well worth the money.


I am an acne sufferer. And I have been for many years until about eight months ago. My dermatologist and my allergist disagree with me but I am living proof. I use to cake on the make up to try to hid pus filled bumps on my face. No they were not warts but the all dreaded acne. Nothing worked until I stopped drinking milk and eating dairy products. Honestly dairy was a daily food source. I just started being able to go out of the house with only wearing powder. If you google (milk and acne)
you will find the missing link to feeling happy again. I can't believe that my skin had gotten that bad. It was very bad. I wish I was brave enough to post pictures of my skin but just writing about it sends me joy.
All of the money I wasted on skin cleansers and make up. HUNDREDS of dollars spent. I discovered sorbet milk free ice cream like- its cold and good just like ice cream.
I wash my face with a cleanser called TERSAEPTIC. Good Luck!


If you have acne problems you know how difficult it is to
control. It is embarrassing and upsetting to have acne that
won't seem to go away. You may wash your face and use the
latest acne treatments, but it all seems to no avail.

Quite often, over the counter treatments work well, but
there are some instances when you need a little extra help.

You will find these tips particularly helpful if you have
stubborn acne that you can not seem to get rid of,
particularly cystic lesions.

When you combine these recommendations with a proper healthy
diet you should see clearer skin.

1. Avoid medications and cosmetics that contain bromides and

Both of these can be extremely irritating and are very
likely to compound your acne problems. Ideally, you should
try to get cosmetics that are natural and gentle to the

However, any cosmetic that is labeled as hypoallergenic
should be scrutinized. Currently, there are no FDA laws
regulating cosmetics that carry this label.

Basically, any manufacturer who feels that their products
do not cause irritation or allergic reactions can label it
as hypoallergenic.

2. Avoid exposure to oils and greases.

This means that you should avoid oily and greasy foods, but
you should also avoid being in an environment where the air
may be oily and greasy. You may encounter such an
environment if you work at a fast food restaurant.

If you do work in a place where you are exposed to greasy or
oily air, you should cleanse you face regularly.

Drinking water instead of sodas also helps keep your skin
healthy and acne free.

3. Avoid using greasy creams or cosmetics.

Use creams and cosmetics that are water based. These are
better for your skin. The new mineral makeup is even better
for you skin.

It is all natural and does not have an oily base like some
creams and liquid foundations do.

You should also check your moisturizer. Make sure that it is
water based and does not contain oils.

4. Cleanse your face thoroughly each day with a soap that
contains sulfur.

You can also use a suitable alternative such as calendula
soap. This should be done if regular acne cleansers are not
doing the trick. If you have severe acne, these types of
soaps have a very high success rate.

5. Extract blackheads every two or three days and see a
physician to have cystic lesions incised and drained every
two weeks.

You can purchase blackhead extractors at a drug store or
through your dermatologist. Do not ever mash blackheads with
your fingers.

This can cause scarring and damage to the pore or follicle.

6. Use a topical treatment with tea tree oil daily.

Research has shown that tea tree oil produces the same
results as benzoyl peroxide, but has fewer side effects.

After you cleanse your face, apply the tea tree oil to the
affected areas. Tea tree oil is a powerful antiseptic and it
will kill the bacteria that is causing your acne.


I had been trying pro-activ for more than 2 years. It was very effective in treating acne problem in the begining. However, after using for so long, my skin seems like resistance to it. Now, my acne worsen again. I wish to try other products such as Clinique Anti-Blemish System. I wonder is it effective in treating acne?


Zinc is starting to work for me. I even went on accutane and it came back- and that didnt start improving my skin for a couple of months. Zinc has started working in days!! I also do the lemon thing someone mentioned above but I think zinc has more of an impact (: A lot of vitamins can really help with acne (although some believe iodine makes it worse - so watch for that in multis).