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OK I have a very important question right now
I Will try to be as un graphic i can to tell what happend.

so me and my gf are having sex on one of her non-fertile day(we checked the calander thing)
I us a condom
So I came and I stilled filled the condom on me
the stupid thing( i didnt know of this)
that after u have sex with a condom u are suppose to get out and not sit in there...i did..
and when i finally came i was soft and noticed no condom
like a second later my gf comes out with it.
I quickly check if the sperm was still in there
and it was.
but still

I am really really terrified right now
As most youth is when in a situation like this.

So this is my question
what is the probibilty my gf being preganant

with these things going agiasnt it
b)Non fertale day

Please if u can help with this please tell me asap
thank you for anyone that can help
thank you


well how is she monitoring her cycle? Basal body temperature? cervical mucus? or is she just guessing by counting back 14 days on a calendar?

also, which day of the cycle was it?

sperm can live inside the body for around 5 days, so having sex any 5 days before ovulation still poses a risk. the chances (depending on which day of her cycle she is on), is possible, but unlikely, i can give you a better picture if you tell me more infomation!


SHe used a online calander
she had her period on 17 of feburary it ended on the 21nd or 22nd
we had intercorse at around 1 am the 25.

looking by what you said.... i should be worried.
I hping hardly no sperm came out the condom or came my penis touched any area's adter i took it out


Ok for future reference. Online calendars aren't reliable.
they work by assuming a womans luteal phase is 14 days, but of course, every woman is different.

Considering you had sex on the 8th day of her cycle, you might get away with it!!! there are literally only a few days in the cycle that a woman can actually conceive. its harder than it seems.

Do you know whether her cycle is irregular or short? this might affect her chances.

But if you are worried. you only had sex two days ago there is still time to take the morning after pill! it can be taken up to 72 hours after having sex. But you would have to hurry. I don't know if you would be able to get one by 1am...

chances are possible, but fairly low. - rough estimate.