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I'm 20 years old and go to school in Kansas where I'll graduate in less than 2 years. However, I am originally from Texas and plan on moving back immediately to reunite with my family, friends, and my boyfriend. This summer my boyfriend and I have had regular SAFE sex, but I just found out I'm pregnant. I do NOT and am NOT ready for children at all! I've had friends who've had abortions and I've always supported Pro Choice, but I never thought I'd be in this situation. I'm not done with school, I'm out of state, I'm an athlete, and I'm financially stable for just myself. All the signs are pointing to not having this baby. I keep going back and forth, but I'm afraid of how an abortion will affect me in later life. I love my boyfriend very much, but neither of us planned or wanted this until we were both ready, but I don't know if I can go through with it, but I have to be realistic in my circumstances. Adoption is out of the question for me so I'm either having it or not. Any one been in this situation? I just need an outside opinion and some advice on what to do. I know it's my decision in the end, but I would really appreciate some thoughts. Thank you.


Everything you've said indicates you don't want to follow through with the pregnancy, so I recommend you don't. If it's still early days, contact the planned parenthood nearest you (if you're at KU I BELIEVE the closest one is in Overland Park, for surgical termination) and schedule an appointment.

I've been where you are, it's not easy but in the end you've made it clear you don't want to be pregnant and have a child at this point in your life so there's no reason you should.