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Hi everyone! I'm new & i want to get some info. 

I am really confused right now if this is a pregnant belly or a fatty belly? I mean, i can see some symptoms. 

It's a really cold season even here in a tropical area. 


(x) You might feel increasingly tired.

~ No not really. 

(x) You definitely have missed your period.

~ My period will be next year at January, 1st week. How will i know?

(x) You might feel nauseated.

(x/o) You might feel your breasts to be tender.

~ Maybe because of the tightness of my bra??

(x/o) You might feel the need to urinate frequently.

~ Maybe because of the season? or weather?

(o) You might feel that your smell is highly sensitive.

~ Yes. I have a sensitive smell/ But i cannot see if that affects the changes.

(x/o) You might feel sleepy and moody.

~ I am a moody person. But i'm not the one who is a sleepyhead. I mean, i sleep almost 3-4AM! O.O I have a lack of sleep, ACTUALLY.


(o) You might feel bloated.

~ Yes, sometimes i feel bloated. 


My boyfriend and i had sex at December 20th. & It's almost a week since now. I am still worried if maybe i am carrying a baby in my tummy already or am i just fat. 

My tummy is fat, i have flabs. Haha. It is squishy. I have a dropsy tummy. But i'm not that big fat girl. Only my tummy & arm. PLEASE. RESPOND. I AM REALLY SCARED. If i am pregnant, do pills will still be effective?


ok, so you had unprotected sex?

its to late for the day after pill, why dont you go get an ihpt then you"ll know and

you don"t have to worry so much!!