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I had a Tonsillectomy, 9 Days ago (27th ocotber) and i seem to be in the worst pain yet :-( I have really bad ear pain when i eat and my throat seems to hurt extremley ive been to the doctors incase of any chance of infection and the said that there is no infection and everything is healing up nicely. Pftttt.... It dont fell like it. Luckily ive had no troublee with bleeding. But since day 6 the pain has gotten worse not better %-) I can still eat and drink but it does hurt my throat and my ear ALOT! :-( I was just wondering when the scabs will start properly coming off and when will the pain start easing off? and also has anyone else experienced this?

Thankyou (:



Tonsillectomy is one of most often procedures now days. However this procedure is not that simple and you have to understand that there are some risk involved in the procedure. You may have problems with voice if the surgeon accidentally hurt your vocal cords, for instance. Now the recovery form tonsillectomy usually takes up to four weeks. You are in your second week and you might be able to eat normal food but you have to understand that you will have more pain. You should be free of pain in the third week but your wounds won’t be healed completely. I hope that you find this post useful. Be patient with the recovery and you will be fine.

Good luck,