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I am doing a school essay on tonsillectomy. Why are there less complications in a child than an adult. Need a answer sent to my email address right now if possible.



I can’t give you whole essay, but I can give you some information that might be helpful for further research on this topic. Tonsillectomy is very old procedure where the tonsils get removed from our body. Removal is usually done because of the tonsillitis, or sleep apnea, or airway obstruction. Tonsillectomy is most common procedure in children in last 50 years.

The thing is that tonsillectomy is more painful in adults then it is to children. Children have their tonsils removed usually because of sleep apnea, and adults for the enlargement of tonsils. Recovery process is different for everybody. While children usually experience changes in the voice after the procedure, adult’s voice will stay the same.

I hope that this helped.