I've been having a consistent vaginal discharge since before id had ever had sex. Seems to never go away. I am about to turn 24 and I'm really looking for this to come to an end. I just recently got with my boyfriend about 5months ago and we decided to go unprotected. I then ended up with gonnorhea. I got treated as well as he. I went back for a check up and I'm clear. The only problem now is that when we have sex I have a thin white discharge everywhere and thruout the day I leak.I went to the gyno and she stated she don't know what it is because all my test came back negative for infections or stds. This discharge has no smell and my boyfriend said it taste slightly chalky. I'm not sure what's going on. I'm a vegetarian...I exercise...I drink lots of 100% juices...I clean with ivory soap...I don't douche...I do wear some tight clothes...I sleep with no panties...I wear 100% cotton panties... I take acidophilus and B6 and folic acid vitamins...ieat some junk food...my diet is high in yeast because I consume a lot of starch.

I'm really tired of having this discharge when I was younger it was cloudy semi transparent and medium no smell. Now I'm white cloudy sometimes thin and no smell...it is now starting to itch a little. My doctor said it was nothing. It has to be something. I'm ashamed and would like for this problem to end. Please help!