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Hi there. My first time posting here, and I'm scared as hell :|.
My boyfriend and I are just about to enter a year together. My period, which I think was at the first or 2nd week of Dec (I'm not sure, I never keep track of my period) did come, but it only lasted 2-3 days, and the blood was very minimal and dark brown, almost black.
Since then, I've been worried that I'm pregnant, 'cause prior to that (around a week before or so? I'm not sure), we were dry humping. This isn't the first time we've done this, but this time we were really getting intimate and practically grinding at each others' groins. BTW at that time he was wearing his brief and boxer shorts, and I was wearing my thin shorts and panties (though I hate to bring this up, but the shorts developed a hole prior to that due to his playing around. Just the shorts though).

So recently, I noticed that my tummy has been ever so slightly bigger than usual... either that or I've been eating much again (I have a high affinity for sweets, and me doing nothing at home but go to the internet... well, you know, I get fat easily, but still). I don't feel nauseous or anything. With regards to feeling irritable, I'm not sure, 'cause I'm always irritable. I'm not sure if I'm being excessively irritable now or what.

I have been checking a list of early pregnancy symptoms, just in case. And just now, right after my bath, I noticed that touching my nipples hurt a bit (specifically, only my left one for now. I've been touching the right one and it doesn't feel any different). Aside from that, no, I don't feel nauseous, I don't feel fatigue (it's 1:30am as I post this, and I'm not retiring to my bed any time soon), I don't feel an increased need to eat (well... that depends, I do like sweets), no cravings or any sensitivity to scents or what.

So... do you guys think I'm pregnant? Thanks in advance to all those who will answer.


Ack, I can't edit since I'm a guest. I just remembered. The bleeding occurred around a day or two after we dry humped, not a week after. Thanks.