So in the last 1-2 months I've been getting constipated a lot but it eventually was okay in the end. Though I've been constipated for about 1-2 days now and when I used the bathroom only some came out in almost a round form, and when I wiped I noticed my stool was a golden/yellow color, and was a strange thick sticky texture.

I've been very tired for the past 2 days. My lower back hurts like where my kidneys are but I've had no trouble or pain urinating. I researched this and I don't think it's Giardia because i haven't felt dehydrated, or nauseous, and usually when you get it you have diarrhea, which is not the case with me.  The only symptoms are the color of my stool and headaches.  I do have Anxiety and I've read that it can cause changes in your poop but I'm not exactly sure.  I also take antidepressants and anxiety pills and have heard that can cause constipation? I also haven't been eating much, but I've been drinking plenty of water. 

My friend thinks it's just something I ate and i hope that's the case. If anyone has any ideas of what they think it is please tell!