Please help me.... I have been fighting with this problem the last 3 weeks. Went to hospital with unbearable pain, got ct scan bloodwork and was told I had diverticulitis & gastritus& constipation. I thought what??? I am one who goes to the bathroom after every meal 5, 6 times a day now I'm constpated> Went to gastro dr had upper gi, same thing gastrtitus & constipated. They put me on all kinds of meds. One for IBS, one for intestional ulcers, laxitives I even changed my diet. Now I am still having the pain off & on and allot of swelling in the right side abdomen & now not going to the restroom , no appetitie either... Did x ray yesterday now they say I need to go on liquid diet for 4 days and come do xray agian... WTF??? By the way I have no gallbladder, or appendix