Hi I am a 21 year old female and I have been experiencing stomach problems for going on 2 years now. Every single day my stomach feels empty and hallow, makes so much noise and gurgling sounds. I've also noticed with these pains I get a CRAZY bubble in my left side that moves around and makes noises (seriously like a air pocket) I can move my stomach in and out and physically see it shaking my stomach where it's making the noise. I am hungry 24/7 literally always eating. I could eat a full meal and then I'm hungry 25 minutes later. I've gotten a colonoscopy and endoscopy done and I was told I had ulcers in my small intestine and a hytila hernia (Sp) causing acid to pool in this 2 centimeter hernia (I'm assuming it's gotta bigger sense I had these procedures done) I have heart burn from when I wake up to til I fall asleep. 

I just really would like to know what the hallow feeling is in my stomach, the pain and amount of discomfort drives me crazy. Ranges from a 4/10 to some says a 9/10 

thank you!