I am 6 weeks post op. I had neck lift and he talked me into brow lift, stating my lower face would look younger than my upper face. Morning of surgery we review and he says he can make the brow incisions in my hairline to prevent visible scars in front. I did not understand I would wake up with over fifty staples all over my head. Internal nylon stitches under that. I’m shaved ear to ear over the top with angry red scars after scabs recently mostly came off. I have to wear a hat and going to wig consult tomorrow. I always had thick nice hair and now I’m bald on top and sides. So depressed. Of course the shiny goofy looking tight forehead and the lumps and swellings. Still have black eyes. surprise long incision under my chin. So I’m a freak from all angles. Anyone else? Soooo depressed. Someone tell me it gets better. All these sites with the bs about bruising being gone in two weeks. WELL ITS NOT!