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Hello, my mom is suffering from very severe psoriasis and during the last few years she was on Enbrel for 6 months until we couldn’t find any way to afford paying around $2,000 each month for the injections. Her dermatologist is suggesting that she starts with Stelara injections since her psoriasis progressed to severe, now it almost completely covers her back. At first it sounded like Stelara is definitely a better option, since it takes fewer injections than Enbrel. But after we came home and I started looking at how much Stelara costs, I was pretty floored. If we don’t get into patient assistance program or find any other way to cut the cost, it seems that Stelara treatment price goes up to $50,000 per year. We still have to wait to hear from her insurance, but unless they cover at least some part of the price, Stelara seems far too expensive, unfortunately.


Hello, Guest... Have you checked with the pharmaceutical companies that make Enbrel or Stelara to see if either of them have programs to pay for the drug?  If they do, she will just need to meet their criteria for the program like income guidelines.  The doctor would just need to fill out some documentation for the medication to be authorized and sent to the doctor's office.  Usually it is dispensed every few months at a time and need to be applied for yearly.  I hope your mother finds the financial assistance she needs.

Does anyone know of any other financial means that Enbrel or Stelara injections can be paid for?