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Hi, I have psoriasis for more than 6 years and it worsened over time. Ever since I was diagnosed majority of the problematic spots were manageable with steroids and phototherapy. Even when I was off the steroids in any form, phototherapy still did work – I didn’t have any flare-ups for about a year. That’s about the time I had to change the dermatologist, not because I wanted to. The new dermatologist has suggested me I try Stellara injections since she thinks that might help keep this stable for a longer time. But even though I’m not yet too sure I’ll start taking it because I’m kinda scared of giving myself these injections. I suppose I’d get used to that part, but my insurance doesn’t cover these even though I clearly fit into FDA approved use for Stelara. How much do Stelara injections cost?


Hello, Guest!  I researched your question and injections can run from $18,000 to $33,000 a year.  You may try to see if you qualify for the Janssen Prescription Assistance program which contains information about the different prescription assistance programs sponsored by the companies under Janssen.  It also has information about independent foundations that have available funding for people who need help pay for STELARA® injections.  I would check that out if I were you.  Good luck with it!

Who else has used the Janssen Prescription Assistance program to help pay for their STELARA injections?  How long did it take to get approved and what is the eligibility criteria?