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Hey. Attention, all the cat lovers on this site, I need you. :D

I am killing myself with this for three weeks now. It’s about spaying my cat.

Some people say it’s painful for the cats and that it’s totally unnecessary for indoor cats to be spayed, on the other hand my mother insists that I spay my cat. I really don’t know what to do.

All our other cats are spayed and it didn’t seem so painful for them.

What are your experiences when it comes to spaying? And what I’m interested to know most- how much does cat spaying cost?


Hello everyone. The typical cost of spaying a cat usually ranges from 50 to 100 dollars. When the spaying is complicated than the prices is bigger – it usually ranges from 100 to 200 dollars.

Of course, cost of spaying a cat can vary by vet and geographic region.

When you decide to spay your cat you should check what it is included in price and what the benefits are.

Most vets offer the option of pre – anesthesia blood work just to make sure does liver and kidney in cat’s works properly. That costs about 30 dollars.

If the cat is overweight or in a heat that costs up to 30 dollars. If she is pregnant you will need to pay extra 50 to 100 dollars. It depends on stage of pregnancy.




Hey there.

I spayed all of my cats. It is not big deal for us, but it can be a little bit expensive. When I spayed my cat who were younger, it costs me about 150 dollars – everything.

But when I spayed my older cat, some complications happened and I needed to pay extra more money. Plus – she was pregnant. I think that I paid between 200 and 270 dollars, I am not sure.

I know that many people want their pets spayed but they don’t have money because it can cost a little bit more than you expected. In this case you should consult your vet or even shelters to help you find the best option.

They will help you.



Hey cat lovers. I spayed my cats but somehow I don’t remember the exact price. Maybe it’s because I had two cats spayed at once, and there was my friend with me who had her cat too and we paid it all together.

I think it cost us somewhere around 350 dollars. I must have been under 400 dollars cause I remember taking 400 dollars with me, and I still had the money to go to lunch after it.

So that means that we paid a reasonable price. A hundred and sixteen dollars per cat. That’s a reasonable price I think?



Hello everyone.
I am one of the cat owners who have problems with money :/ I wanted to spay my cat so I went to consult my vet.
He told me that I should pay about 300 dollars for that :/ I was really depressed because I am a student and I don’t have that money. You know how student life is expensive and poor at the same time :/
I want to find some low cost clinic but I don’t know are they safe for my cat.
I really don’t want kittens because I don’t know where to keep them.


I remember what college life was like.

While I was in college I couldn’t own a dog cause I didn’t have the money to feed him (nor myself very often) let alone to neuter him or pay for his vaccines.

You know what would I suggest ? Since spaying your cat is very important and you’ve probably read about all the advantages of this procedure, you could go to this site, I think it is called spayUSA or something like that, if you’re from the US.

Type you’re country name and there will be a list of so many low cost clinics.


It is me again.

I just did a little research, and here is what I’ve found. There are so many organizations that offer free neutering/spaying, for those who can’t pay for it. So don’t let the cost putt you down.

Also if you’re from Europe, there are also so many low cost clinics, just google your country and see what comes up.

I just googled majority of countries in Europe and all of them had low cost spaying options. London has maybe most of them with all the low cost clinics out there. I’m sure you’ll find something wherever you are.