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hello everyone,
Am really stressed and i feel like taking my own life .

here is my story

I broke up with my boyfriend 8 months ago and since then I've not had sex or even masturbated.One month ago just out of no where i started getting really strong sexual urges that were almost impossible to resist.

I went out one night and met this guy that i met sometimes back.We ended up having unprotected sex the same day  all night .

I went back to my flat the next day and i was aching everywhere plus i notice a slight rash under my left eye  which was itchy but  went away in three days without any remedies.I did not think much of it because i thought something had bitten me.

A few days later i  saw him again and we decided since we had already had unprotected  sex we should go on.While having oral sex  i noticed that he had three or four bumps on his shaft.When i looked closely i noticed that they looked like genital warts i asked him and he said that he had always had them.I stopped immediately and left.

I stopped seeing him after that .The problem is it's been two weeks now and i have had loose bowels for two days now,swollen glands on the neck for two days which went away without any medication, nausea,fungal infection of the nail ,aching back muscles   and  general body tiredness.I noticed that my vaginal discharged has a funny smell and it's itchy at especially at night.I just finished my period and i though that that was the reason but the smell is still there.I started taking some antibiotics and am feeling a lot better now.
my left pectoral muscle just below the clavicle above the breast  feels stiff and tight now and again but i guess it's due to the stress.

I've been searching in the internet and i think i have all the symptoms.Am too scared to even eat .

I finally called him and  explained things to him i asked him about his health but he said he has had digestion problems like diarrhea.He later sent me a message telling me to stop playing games with his mind and to tell him the truth ,I tried calling him back but he is not answering my calls.I know i was clean because my ex had his physical exams the other day and he was perfect.

does anyone has any advise.

i know this was a very silly thing to do .


I am 19 years old I have been sexually active and about a week about I found these dry patches on the head of my penis and they later turned into red bumps. This all happened after I had sex but they do not have any STDs of any kind. When the red bumps appeared I also became really itchy on other places of the body like my arms, legs and torso. I want to know if this is an STD or just an allergic reaction to something.


Ok first off you really should not have unprotected sex with anyone. Second it could be a range of things from a virus to an STD. One that shows symptoms that you described is Bacterial Vaginosis. As far as HIV, most people have no symptoms for years but they can present themself with flu like symptoms 2 weeks after exposure. With HIV most people develop detectable anitbodies 2 to 8 weeks after being exposed to it. I would suggest going to a local health department or a doctor and be tested for STDs and HIV as soon as possible. Here is a website that will help you find a clinic.