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my boyfriend and i have been together for 2 years and have both been faithful. i went to the doctor two days ago after having little sores between the lips of my vagina they were kind of pain ful but bareable. she looked at them and told me i had genital herpes o.O o.O o.O omg i couldnt believe it! i had a pap smeer done 3 months prier and i thought that was good enough, they told me the other day that pap smeers dont detect herpes, i knew it didnt detect HIV and aids but i thought all other STD's were checked...not feeling satisfied from that doctors opinon i went to another doctor the next day he also looked at them and said it look like herpes he took a swab of them n sent it off for results. what i know about herpes is that there is two kinds one on your mouth n one genitaly. if me or my boyfriend had both never had outbreaks where could it have come from?? can it be transferred from his mouth? what would be the difference? is the gential one worse?? i needd help bad!!


My boyf has genital herpes too. i had never had unprotected sex before i met him, but he'd never had an outbreak til he met me. if you do have herpes you have to take pills everyday which lesson the sympotoms (cant stop them tho)

Everytime we have sex unprotected now, he is in pain for couple of days and feels like its coming back, although it dosen't fully.

any advice???