hi i was wondering if any one could help me i did three pregnancy tests 5 weeks ago now two were positive and the other was negative when my period was due there was nothing to be seen then two days later i got a pain in my stomach which made me feel light headed and i had a bleed which i classed as a period as it was exactly like one and around the same time, my doctor would not see me they said if it was that important i gotta go hospital, then after some convincing i got the appointment i wanted so straight to the doctors, who said i had a miscarriage which broke my heart, then 2 weeks on and my breast are hard and swollen again my stomach is still getting a lil bit bigger although may be my imagination, ive got nausea and bad back pains, i didn't have any blood clots and i am very confused. how can my doctor know with just looking at me? no examination nothing????? :( please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!