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My boyfriend and i had unprotected sex on 6/10 and it is now 6/20. he did not cum but i am worried about pre-cum. I know it is early but this is kinda what i've been feeling:
-I've felt nauseous although i often felt this way before too a lot
-a friend pointed out i've been peeing a lot (i pee like 10 times a day, really unusual for me)
-my breasts are not swollen or more tender than usual but they are itchy, which i don't think means anything but my cousin said her moms breasts were really itchy when she was pregnant
-I feel very very sluggish and tired even though i've been getting plenty of sleep. i sleep at least 9 hours a night but then i nap like 1-2 hours a day and just feel very fatigued and lazy (also very unusual for me)
-I've definitely been way more irritable than usual, really rude to people for no reason, my whole family has noticed this
-i've also had heartburn a couple times but i've had heartburn before too.

I don't know what to think now, am i just psyching myself out? i mean it is still really early. Also when can i take a test to be sure? I have irregular periods but if i remember correctly my last one ended around 6/3


the closer to your expected period you are the better chances your results will be accurate but mainly read the tests some will say up to five or six days before your missed period it depends on the test but you will have to wait a while