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I had sex (PROECTED)with my boyfriend in sep and it was my first time. Later on my period came but it was kinda lighter than I usually had. It lasted for 6 days though. And we had sex (protected as well) the day my period ended. When he came he didnt come in me but I gave him a ha****b before putting on the condom and I am scared that the semen might get on the condom. It has been a week since my period ended and I am like feeling kinda bloated but its not like i cant fit in my clothes. can anyone tell me the chance of getting pregnant under this situation?


Doubtful, as long as you didn't smear or drip any of his ejaculate onto your hand and then touch yourself.

Using protection means keeping that sperm separate and contained. Before and after sex.

As long as you applied the condom correctly (unrolled the right way) and didn't get sperm on the outside surface, you're probably alright.

But I'd take more care next time and make sure that you are in charge of when and where you two touch.

Think it through and talk it through sometime when you aren't about to go to bed, so there's no pressure.

Good luck.
Get an EPT test if you have any doubts.


I've had a couple scares. Made me really stop and use my head. I'm assuming you don't want to have children right now at this point in your life; be very careful while handling the condom if you have givin him a HJ. I would wash my hands before touching myself or the condom if I were you.

Just think, would you like your biggest worry to be "am i pregnant" or "what am i going to wear friday?"