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So my girlfriend and i had sex about 2 weeks ago on the 15th of october. She was late having her period by 3 days and prior to which she had tenderness in her breast very tired ect i have talked to a few friends who have been pregnant and they said those are likely symptoms if being pregnant i plan on getting her a test the day her periods ends. However after discussion if she is pregnant we want the baby but if she's not we want to wait a few more years..

She was not on birth control and i did not use a condom.

The question i was wondering is if she could be pregnant and still have her period. and the second is she was having odd stomach pains unlike the ones she usually has during her period and her stomach has been upset and she has been sick for about a week. this wednesday will be 3 weeks

Thanks for any and all help


My girlfriend is having these same problems but I didn't ejaculate so I'm hoping an loosing sleep over this, I hope she isn't!!!