So this Sunday I woke up feeling pretty out of it. I have a slight history of depression and anxiety but nothing serious as far as physical symptoms. Me and my girlfriend got in a fight that morning and I was feeling anxious afterwards so one of my friends who is prescribed xanax xr bars offered me one to releive my symptoms and help me go to sleep. BIG MISTAKE! I suddenly started feeling the symptoms of my first SERIOUS panic attack within 30 mins. I was very disorientated, forgetful, vomiting, sweating, heart paps, labored breathing, bowel trouble and a serious case of terror. Thinking I was going to die! I tried sleeping it off but when I woke up I was still suffering physical symptoms and I was very disorientated and couldn't remember to well what I was doing. Like I was on an Anxiety Autopilot. I am also a daily user of marijuana and cigerattes and generally don't get much exercise. I went to the ER 2x Monday thinking I was going to die and just felt I was unable to control my thoughts. I quit smoking totally Monday as well. I haven't been able to sleep and have been experienceing nightmares. Today is Thursday and I am finally feeling more clear minded and in control of my thoughts, a little irratable and anxious but def not going insane anymore. I was wondering, do you think the Xanax XR tablet I took along with quitting smoking and lack of sleep and eating could have caused these longer term effects? I believe I only had 2 or 3 actual panic attacks on Monday and Tuesday. But since then I have just been feeling really out of it, forgetful, scared and chest pain and stomach trouble continued along with inability to sleep. Anybody agree with me or did I just suddenly develop a case of panic disorder coincidently after taking a 2mg XR Xanax, and am just feeling better 3 days later. I feel more coherent today, better aware of my environment and in control of my thoughts, physical affects are also starting to subside. Any opinions??