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So I had a few minutes of unprotected sex the other day with my boyfriend. He didn't come but he said that there was pre ejaculate there. I was around two days away from ovulation (day 12 of a 28 day menstrual cycle).

I know that I ovulated on about day 14 because I felt the normal ache of it.

Earlier this afternoon at school (on day 18 of my cycle) I had quite sharp cramps in my lower abdomen. I dismissed these as needing the toilet (sorry if that is TMI) but about 90 minutes after relieving myself I had the same pains very strongly. They were so bad that they doubled me over and I could barely breathe.

I just wondered could this be implantation cramping, or is it too soon? Also I haven't really had any other pregnancy symptoms aside from slight headaches but I imagine that that's just a coincedence.

I never, ever get period pains and my period is due on the 3rd of June. How likely is it that I could be pregnant? Please help me. I'm only 15 and am just confused.


I don't think you are pregnant you are problem experiencing the start of ovulation if you ovulate on day 14 sometimes but not all the time i will experience sharp pains before ovulation starts or sometimes its constipation cramps as well. if youre still within the 24-36 hr range get Plan B just in case. Be careful dear!