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I have chronic sinusitis and for the past 2 years I've had pneumonia once each year. For the past week I started sneezing about 4 or 5 times a day. 3 days ago I felt like my throat was closing up and I couldn't breath. I went to the doctor and she prescribed me some supplements, a spray called Bioparox and some anti inflamation meds. I've been taking them but whilst the symptoms did go away today I've started to feel some sort of wheezing at times when I breath and that shortness of breath has returned but it's mild. However, I don't feel like my throat is closing up this time. My nose feels a little congested. There's always this need to cough, like I've got mucus in my throat. I also have this mildish pressure in my chest.

In case this is pneumonia it would be the third year in a row I have it. Any ideas what this could mean long term?

I'm 15, if it matters.


I should also mention that I've got a mucus tumor in my sinuses, polyps and that my dad also suffers from chronic bouts of sinusitis. He also has polyps.