These last couple of days i've been really sick with flu like symptoms. It mainly hits me at night and its BAD. I had my period last week and lasted a couple days. My boyfriend and I usually use protection but didn't use after my period last week thinking we'd be ok? I'm not sure what this sickness is but it's really overwhelming and I hate being sick b/c I hate missing work. Also when I stand up I can't stand for too long I start feeling very dizzy. I have these major headaches, has bowel movements (sorry its TMI), really congested, hot/cold chills and runs a fever. Now mind u again this happends mainly at night? Why IDK.. In the morning I seem to be better but still has major headaches and is dizzy. (i sit at work so thats ok) SO HELP to anyone that knows what these symptoms can be and/or if they are related to pregnancy. I would appreciate it.
Thank you & God Bless.