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I'm wondering how do you count the days during pregnancy? If someone says they are 3 weeks pregnant, is that 3 weeks since the period they expected but did not come, or is that 3 weeks after their last period that came?

Thanks a lot! 


Taking Clomid but I already Ovulate on my own.  

Hi everyone I'm new to this so please excuse me for not being on top of all the pregnancy lingo.  My husband and I have been TTC for 11 months now with no success (both of us are 31).  His sperm count is fine and I ovulate on my own but for the past few months the Dr has prescribed me Clomid.  This past cycle (which started December 16th) I released two eggs but it looks like I failed to achieve pregnancy again because my period is due tomorrow and it looks like she is on her way.  I took a pregnancy test this morning and got the BFN ( I think that's right) and I feel like AF on coming any second.  Is it normal for the Dr to prescribe a woman Clomid even though she already ovulates on her own?  How long do they normally prescribe this before they move on?  When should i insist on them inspecting my tubes to make sure everything is normal?  I'm so confused and I really want to ensure I do what I can to achieve pregnancy soon.  It's getting frustrating since nearly all of my friends are now pregnant and I keep having to report bad news on my front.  I get the sad looks and it really just makes me feel defective.  Please help.