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 I am a female and in the last six months I began hurting in my left rib area with some thoracic pain - I went to my dr and he didn't physically examine me but sent me for x-rays - report was all is fine - I continued to have excruciating pain in my left ribs radiating from from to back - when lying on my back my left side was more prominent than my right and if I lie on my stomach, there is a left hump off my spine higher than the right - I finally went to my chiropractor because I couldn't stand the pain and was looking for answers - any answers! My chiropractor took an x-ray and said he saw an abnormality in my left rib cage where the left slanted upward and then seemed to do a vertical drop - the right was perfectly smooth and round slanted as it should be according to him - he told me I had either been born with the abnormality and was noticing it more because of the now slight twisting of my spine in the thoracic region or because of the twisting of my spine this was causing the defect. I've had to quit my job because I could not stand the long drive nor could I sit leaning over a desk working on a computer all day - does anyone have any advice as to who I should go see to help me with this problem? Or is this something I must endure for the rest of my life? My PCP won't even schedule me an appointment to see me - he says there's no reason my ribs should hurt - would a spine dr help me? The pain is so severe at times I can't get out of bed and I'm too young for this to give up now - when I was younger - a child - I was told I would probably need to wear a brace -  Please help me!!! 

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how old are you daisy?