alright, i have a sprained ankle (that happened 1/15/10) and i ski on it last night- did completely fine for the most part, some mild pain while removing the ski boot and i have another foot/ankle appointment monday after noon (1pm EST) and they think its a grade 2 or 3 sprain and they think i torn the ligament, and i am wondering if i will need surgery to fix the problem if it doesn't heal right, i am worried because i also signed up for soccer and if my ankle goes to the left side a hair it hurts not bad though- but pretty bad to cause alot of pain i am not to worried i just would like to know if anyone who has a grade 2 or 3 ankle sprain or any idea of sprain help me because i am going to the tournament in feb 2-5 and i am needing help on if skiing will take my ankle longer to heal or will it stil be 6 to 8 wks like my doctor said at my follow up appointment after visiting the Er? and i am wondering what types of ankle braces are good for soccer and if i will need surgery later down the road i have had two ankle sprains so far- oct 13 09 and then jan 15 09

Here is How it happened-

Alright so 1/15/10...i was walking down the stairs to visit family (nephews and my sister) and my left foot/ankle are on the step like normal then aloud crack (with in 30 seconds) i was sliding down on my butt towards my mother and brother, then i took a shower and then went to the er..they did xrays in the ER... nothing broken! i broke this same ankle 5 years ago in a fall. and i found out about 3months ago..i have no pain or anything like that... i am suppose to call my foot and ankle specialist on monday to let them know i was in the ER for a sprained ankle.. i know the pain because the pain was worse this time then the first time and its not really brusied... (this happened friday) so i have been off my feet for 24-48hrs as my discharge papers said to..i am also taking ibuprofen 800mgs - for baseline pain..i went to my follow up appointment on wednesday 1/20/10 and he said nothing broken and that i could keep skiing. which was great! and i went skiing (yesturday) and i did pretty good the only problem was removing the ski boot that was painful!! -
so i need to know if theres anything special i need to do ( i am wearing the camwalker i got from my first ankle sprain and the speed ankle brace.. and now i am just wondering what i should do - i need ideas please!